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​​Velas is unique in how it leverages a diversified range of features and characteristics to garner profound efficiency, speed, and optimization 👍

From a multi-currency wallet to an interoperable network, Velas is the place to be for both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and aspiring developers.
​​Insane speed and minimal fees? That's Velas.

By using $VLX you can create more than 1000 transactions for less than a dollar. The unparalleled technology of Velas is what enables developers to bring their #dApps to the next level.
​​⚡️Velas integrates with one of the top blockchain oracles in the marketDIA.

With the Velas-DIA integration, Web3 developers get next level of data accuracy and resilience by simply plug’n’playing DIA’s price oracles to achieve top-quality, crowd-sourced data feeds to put in the foundation of market-defining dApps.
​​We’re glad to announce that Velas is entering into a strategic partnership with the CBT community.

We're happy that the CBT community is building on Velas. Velas will be helping the development of CBT and making the system grow.

Stay tuned for details!
​​Our team makes tremendous efforts and puts all its soul into the development of new features and functions of our platform.

By the middle of autumn 2022, the Velas development team will present another batch of updates that you won’t be able to ignore.

👀 Let’s take a closer look together!
​​Velas offers almost zero fees.

With #Velas you can make 100,000 transactions for just $1.

For the same number of #transactions on the Ethereum network, having an average fee of $6 per transaction, you would have to pay around $600,000.
​​Creating NFTs on Velas gives teams a lot of benefits.

Well, let's look into this in more detail if you want to do something great on #Velas. Click the link below to get more detailed information.

Only 10 hours to the Ethereum Merge: Here’s what you need to know

Ethereum’s long-awaited transition from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) is upon us as the Merge looms in less than 10 hours. There’s plenty to consider for the wider cryptocurrency space — and here’s what you need to know.
What is the Merge?
The Ethereum blockchain will transition away from its energy-intensive consensus mechanism PoW as…
​​How much $VLX do you need to become a delegate? How much $VLX do you need to run a validator? How do I delegate $VLX?

We prepared all answers in one video post. Here you are👇
​​👐 You can apply at any time. To get started, click this.

Hi, dear community, we are sorry to postpone our AMA session for 1 week. Dmytro has tested positive for COVID-19 and he isn’t feeling well.

Let's wish him to get better ASAP and see you all in 1 week!

Take care💙
​​Get 10,000 $BITORB from one of the global projects in the Velas Grants Program!

🎁Take part in #BitorbitCompetition!
We're very grateful to you for your interest in our project and ready to thank you by presenting 10k $BITORB tokens🥳

What you have to do🤔: Share on Twitter one picture and a text about how much you like Bitorbit, but do not say it directly! Add a hashtag #BitorbitCompetition

The competition will last: 3 days + 3 days polls.

After the first 3 days, 10 participants with the most repost on Twitter will participate in the poll.

During the 2nd 3 days: 📲On the TG channel, the community will choose for the best post among these 10 participants.

🎁 The one who wins gets an awesome chance to win 10 000 $BITORB tokens.
​​Velas enables anyone to stake, support decentralization and become rewarded for their participation 💡

Start #staking today by becoming a #validator or a #delegator.
​​We look forward to seeing you at the #InactaInnovationCircle on September 21st in Zug🇨🇭

We are partners of this event, and our COO Shirly Valge will be a guest at the panel discussion and will speak on the dedicated topic.
​​Don't miss your chance to become a #VelasAmbassador.
👐 Become a Velonian and get a lot of goodies, perks and rewards for your activity.

📲 More information on how to take part and become a Velas ambassador at the link below.
​​Staking on Velas is delegated staking, which means users #delegate their tokens to a #validator of their choice.

Users can choose a validator in the #VelasWallet. On exchanges, users do not have an option to choose the validators.
​​Velas leverages delegated proof of stake as its main consensus algorithm 💡

#DPoS is one of the core features and characteristics of the Velas #blockchain, enabling it to attain unparalleled speed and high transaction throughput.
​​Here we go again!

Velas X VeleroDAO AMA session with Dmytro Kryshtal, CMO VeleroDAO and Alex, Global CM at Velas, is happening on September 23, 2022 on our Twitter account.

We’re going to discuss what progress #VeleroDAO has reached so far and answer community questions.

​​Meet our CEO Farkhad Shagulyamov at #TOKEN2049🦙, September 28-29 in Singapore.

Singapore will be transformed into a vibrant crypto hub. Find out more about the event via the link below.