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How Web3 could revolutionize loyalty programs

Attracting and retaining customers have long been one of the major headaches for businesses all over the world. Companies use several ways to get these customers, and one such way is loyalty programs. These programs have been quite effective in retaining customers. But loyalty programs are not perfect. They have challenges, such as geographical limitations,…
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After the #NewYear #sale, many asked us to extend, but we ... refused! Since we do not make eternal sales for the sake of profit.

But we made #Booster #Packs special for VelasBlockchain  and VelasAccount . This is a #unique opportunity.

Try now!
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A lot of newcomers ask why Velas does not implement the tokens burning functionality to improve token price performance. In the nearest future, we are not going to implement this feature, and Farkhad
📣‼️Hey Warriors! We're back!‼️📣

It's been an exciting year for Velhalla.🎉 We've worked hard to improve this project, and we're also proud of what we've done.

📌We started out by building 🛠️ a new Metagame function that helps create more unique and interesting experience. We also added a new Arts Production 🎨 feature that allows us to produce art for our games and show off the creative talent of our team members. And we added Battle Production 🪖, which means that you can now design your own character and battle them against others in a competitive setting!🔥

📌All of this work has helped us build a strong foundation for the upcoming launch and the next stage of development: to continue innovating and creating new features. We'll be sharing more with you soon!🚀

Bringing you the latest features and improvements in Velhalla
Take a sneak peek of the most anticipated Dev Update Session 12‼️


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During the bear market period, a lot of users asked whether VLX is going to be listed on any other major DEX apart from Huobi. In this short video, Farkhad shares some info on this matter.
Wavelength Reward Market Announcement

Hello @everyone
It has been a bullish couple of weeks for Wavelength and the entire market. Engagement levels are increasing, and the Wavelength community is expanding thanks to the comprehensive marketing plan of the team.

Recently Wavelength hosted a big giveaway for the loyal supporters of the protocol and distributed great rewards. Wavelength is proud to announce the next step of the marketing plan, the Community Reward Market!

What is the Community Reward Market?

The Reward Market is a feature to boost engagement levels while rewarding the loyal and active members of the community.

Community members will earn XP points based on their Discord activity which will enable them to level up in the server and become eligible for special hierarchy roles.

Each hierarchy role will have its perks and benefits. Role holders will be able to participate in special events and giveaways and will have a chance to earn Wavelength Points.

Wavelength Points are the currency of the Reward Market, which can be used to purchase tokens and items.

Wavelength's Community Managers will also reward the active and helpful members of the community with Wavelength Points.

With this cool feature, the Wavelength team aims to establish a constant engagement-rewarding cycle to help grow Wavelength's community.

Let us know if you have any questions about the Community Reward Market!

Note: Special roles and future events will be announced soon!

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It has come to our attention that a fake Velhalla Official Telegram Group is inviting members of our community. Please keep in mind that ( is our only telegram channel and our announcement channel is

If you were invited to the fake Velhalla TG, please report it as spam and block it.
If we have an announcement, please verify it on our social media and on the official channel.
Be vigilant and cautious in clicking suspicious links.

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UK-native stablecoin integrates into 18,000 ATMs nationwide

A partnership between Poundtoken and BitcoinPoint will make the country’s first 100%-backed British pound stablecoin, GBPT, accessible to retail consumers via a network of 18,000 ATMs across the United Kingdom. The move marks another step toward the U.K. becoming a “crypto hub” and is in line with the government’s push to use stablecoins for wholesale…
Hello everyone

Wavelength is rethinking the pool structures to provide a better yield and user experience for its valued users. This is a big step forward in Wavelength's journey toward providing a top-notch decentralized exchange experience.

To learn more about the changes and how they will impact you, please refer to Wavelength latest Medium article attached to this message.

Medium Article:

Wavelength appreciates the support and is confident that these changes will bring even more success to the platform and community.

Wavelength is a new era in Decentralized Finance!

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Hello @everyone

Wavelength X Occam

A New Partner for a New Year

Following the recently approved Occam Improvement Proposal within the Occam DAO, which began its collaboration with Velas Blockchain, Wavelength is also excited to welcome Occam DAO to its circle of strong partners.
This partnership signifies the continuation of the growth and development of Wavelength as a protocol and leading AMM within the Velas ecosystem.

As a new partner, Occam is helping Wavelength start the year on a strong note.
Occam has been onboarded in a marketing capacity for Wavelength in Q1 2023, with Wavelength acquiring a strategic stake in OccamRazer to offer higher token utility for $WAVE holders.

The full suite of benefits encompassed in the Occam DAO partnership are access to its expertise in marketing, community, networking, and opportunity flow, amongst others.

Medium article:

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Protocol Labs, Chainalysis and Bittrex add to crypto layoff season

Several crypto firms have made job cuts this week amid the ongoing crypto winter, retaining “impactful” employees as they prepare for a “longer downturn.”

At least 216 jobs were slashed between three crypto firms – open-source software laboratory Protocol Labs, blockchain data firm Chainalysis and U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex, with reductions of 89, 83 and…