What makes a good NFT in 2023?

February 24, 2023
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From 2021 to the beginning of 2023, the number of NFT sales in the art segment fluctuated significantly.

Both primary and secondary sales decreased a lot. However, this is not a sign of recession.

The NFT market has just simply cleared to survive the crypto winter. Thus, only the strongest and the most promising projects survived.

For instance, profile-picture and Blue-Chip NFT collections showed the best performance (for blue chips, the growth index is 28.6%).

So what should you do to succeed with your NFT in 2023? Let’s take a look at some features your item must have.

Unique art style

It’s crucial to add artistic value to your NFT. Memes are all about hype which has a short-lived nature.

If you have a distinctive cartoon style or unique artistic vision use it all the way!

Let’s take a look at the good combination of art and pop culture in an NFT at the Bitorbit App.

A recognizable person in a spacesuit looks fresh and authentic.

Strong Community

It is necessary to cultivate a strong community to support your art. That’s why NFT marketplaces like Bitorbit can be very helpful. Getting constant feedback about your work is essential, and platforms combining marketplaces and social media functions will be a great help for you.

The more likes and comments you get from your audience, the more often your content will be shown in the newsfeed.

For instance, the Bitorbit App has a separate section with the top contributors. Here you’ll find people who get the most likes and comments.

Good utility

We mentioned lots of times that NFT is not always about art. If you don’t have an artistic talent or want to add some additional value to your NFT, just go ahead!

To date, owning certain NFTs can unlock lasting access to restaurants, festivals, blockchain events and many more.

One of the brightest examples here is Coachella with its Collectibles NFTs that can be used as lifetime passes.

Many web3 experts are sure that NFT tickets are the future of all life events thanks to their decentralized and secure nature.

We totally agree with this statement.


With AI as the main trend in web3 and other spheres of our lives, one should definitely pay attention to keep pace with this trend.

If you’re creating game assets, characters, icons/designs, music, content and other stuff, use AI. As a generative artist, you can modify images with computer code and sell the best of the list instead of choosing only one by yourself.

Good blockchain as a cornerstone

You need to be sure that your art is in safe hands to keep and sell it properly. Thus, good NFT equals to secure and stable blockchain.

There are many NFT marketplaces on the market, but only a few can offer fast transactions and good compatibility.

the Bitorbit App is based on the powerful Velas blockchain with high transaction processing (up to 100,000 transactions per second). Besides, the blockchain is fully decentralized and is not controlled by any single entity or group of individuals. This increases the safety and security of the platform.

Thus, the Bitorbit App users can keep their assets safe and be sure that the NFT purchase can be processed fast and securely.

In a word

NFT market crash will eventually be even more nauseating than the 2015 bitcoin bear

market (because these are highly illiquid assets by definition), but the 10-year trajectory

of the overall market will be the same: 100x+.

Messari Report, 2023

NFTs are here for long. The leading experts in the industry are sure that the roller coaster market situation will be harmful to this industry, but the decline will be 100% followed by a rise.

So if you’re willing to step into the game, 2023 is a perfect time to try your hand. Choose your niche, stick to the trends mentioned above, and you’ll definitely see the result.


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