WeWay partners with Velas and joins the Velas ecosystem

March 12, 2022
Velas Official

Velas is delighted to announce another integration that diversifies and elevates the blockchain ecosystem.

WeWay becomes a part of the Velas network. This integration allows users to buy NFTs from the platform marketplace, form paid partnerships with creators and advertising companies, create fundraising activities to donate to charities, and access the VIP Creators Club.

“We’re proud to have another outstanding project join our network. It makes us very excited to see more and more platforms join the Velas blockchain to support our vision of decentralization.” — Farhad Shagulyamov, CEO and Co-Founder of Velas

What is the partnership about?

The main concept behind this partnership is to provide Velas blockchain users with the ability to experience the benefits of the WeWay platform. When it comes to creators, WeWay empowers creators to succeed by helping them create, publish, manage, and monetize a variety of content.

This integration will enable the Velas community to access the following features:

  1. Participation in a one-of-a-kind entertainment ecosystem that transforms the way creators and fans interact.
  2. Users will be able to purchase NFTs on the platform’s marketplace and support their favorite artists along the way.
  3. The WeWay platform’s partner network features more than 200 famous creators already. The marketplace itself is powered by smart contracts and the native platform token, $WWY.
  4. The platform has shared its Metaverse plans, which means that users will have the opportunity to use tools and technologies such as AR, VR, DAO, DeFi, and trading.
  5. Creators can enjoy a number of benefits, like creating and monetizing their content, joining VIP Creator Clubs, partnering up with advertising companies, and so much more.

About WeWay

WeWay is an entertainment ecosystem and NFT marketplace for celebrities and their fans, powered by smart contracts and native platform tokens, $WWY. WeWay is at the crossroads of five global markets and uses blockchain technology to develop the first creator economy of its kind. The platform aims to transition into the Metaverse, and its users will be able to access a variety of useful tools and innovative technologies.

WeWay – Content creator platform

About Velas

Velas is an innovative blockchain ecosystem leveraging revolutionary technologies to provide its users with the ability to conduct fast and cost-effective transactions within the network.

It is the world’s fastest Solana-based EVM blockchain, enabling developers to create decentralized applications and smart contracts within the shortest time possible. Meanwhile, regular users can conduct transactions that stand out for their scalability potential and staggeringly low fees, and access a variety of interesting blockchain projects.


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