Wavelength Patch Note — (16/11/2022–05/12/2022)

January 4, 2023
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Wavelength Patch Note — (16/11/2022–05/12/2022)


Wavelength’s directive is to be the superior AMM experience on Velas Chain. It’s an objective that all counterparties involved in this endeavor take exceptionally seriously, which demands constant development.

With that directive in mind, and in the name of transparency, Wavelength is posting the patch notes for all bug fixes and updates executed in the Wavelength Protocol since the launch date.
This list comprises all updates between November 16th, 2022, and December 04th, 2022.

Updates & Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

Display low liquidity Pools pop-ups
Fixed the “low liquidity Pool” pop-up bug as it did not always work.

WAVE price chart
Fixed WAVE’s price chart as selected a timeline more remarkable than 1 month; it couldn’t pull data.

”More” button
“More” Button’s name has been changed since the name was “More” and it was replaced with “…”.


Blacklist tokens with low liquidity
Wavelength will not display tokens with extremely low liquidity to improve security and the exchange experience on the platform since the list of tokens available for exchange will now only display tokens with sufficient liquidity for trading.

Blacklist Community Pools with low liquidity
Community Pools with extremely low liquidity have been blacklisted.

Analytics new header button
New button for the Analytics page in the Wavelength platform header to facilitate access for the platform users.

Adding Telegram to the “…” button
The official Wavelength telegram group link has been added in the “More” button drop-down.

New button for the Analytics page in the Wavelength platform header to facilitate access for the platform users.

Gauge Emission Changes
The following pools’ gauge emissions have been changed:

  • Leadership: Decreased from 9% to 4.5%
  • Stability: Decreased from 11% to 7%
  • Velonian: Increased from 11% to 18.5%
  • MicroWave: Increased from 20.5% to 22.5%


In the spirit of transparency, patches, bug fixes, and updates will be periodically posted in the Wavelength Patch Notes.

The development of the Wavelength Protocol is far from over, and many more features and improvements are coming to the Wavelength community, and users as the goal of being the principal liquidity hub in a thriving Velas Ecosystem reaches closer.

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