Wavelength Explained: How to add Velas Network to MetaMask, bridge your assets to Velas blockchain…

January 4, 2023
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Wavelength Explained: How to add Velas Network to MetaMask, bridge your assets to Velas blockchain and get your first gas fee


Welcome to yet another iteration of the Wavelength Explained educational series. Today, you will learn how to add Velas Network to Metamask, bridge your assets to the Velas Blockchain using the Multichain bridge platform and get your first gas fee using a Faucet.

How To Add Velas Network To MetaMask?

Assuming that you already have MetaMask installed. Velas Network can be added in two ways. “new to MetaMask wallet? you can check this tutorial ”


Follow the steps below to automatically add the Velas Network to your MetaMask.

Step 1: Visit the following open source MetaMask configurator: https://chainlist.org/

Step 2: Search for Velas EVM Mainnet

Step 3: Click on ‘Connect Wallet’ to proceed.


Follow the steps below to manually add the Velas Network to your MetaMask.

Step 1: Go to your MetaMask, and click on the Account button as below.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Settings’ button, then click on ‘Networks’.

Step 3: Once in there, you will see your current networks available, and to add a new one you need to click on the ‘Add Network’ button.

Step 4: In the new popup tab enter the following details and then hit ‘Save’.

How do I bridge my assets to Velas chain?

You will need to use a bridge to get your tokens inside Velas Network.
Bridging (not to be confused with swapping) is moving a token from one chain to another. Two chains do the transactions; this takes an average time of 10 minutes, depending on the traffic.

Follow the steps below to bridge your assets to the Velas chain ecosystem.

Step 1: Visit https://multichain.org/

Step 2: Select Networks for bridge direction ( per example, from: Ethereum mainnet to Velas mainet).

Step 3: Select the token you wish to bridge.

Step 4: Enter the desired amount.

Step 5: Click Approve (token) and Swap.

How do I get my first gas fee? (Faucet)

After you bridge to the Velas chain you will need some $VLX gas in order to perform transactions on the network.
We have the solution! Some free $VLX gas that you can use to swap tokens for more VLX for gas.

Follow the steps below to get $VLX gas.

Step 1: Visit https://stakely.io/en/faucet/velas-vlx

Step 2: Follow the directions on the website.

Step 3: Once you’ve received the small amount of gas, go to the Swap page on Wavelength to swap for more $VLX.


Hopefully this tutorial has helped everyone reading it, especially those new to the Velas Network.
As always, do not forget to regularly check all of Wavelength’s social channels, to stay up to date on all things Wavelength and Velas.

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