WagyuSwap V2 Addition 3: KitcheNFT

December 10, 2022

The Chefs are delighted to announce our biggest launch so far- finally, we are opening the doors to the hottest NFT kitchen on Velas, which we call KicheNFT.

KitcheNFT is the ultimate NFT marketplace that promises to give our users unlimited exposure to a sumptuous variety of NFTs, from digital art to domain names and other collectibles. Collectors can explore, buy directly, bid, outbid, and participate in auction sales.

KitcheNFT- Create, Collect and Sell Sensational NFTs

Our robust platform gives creators unmatched exposure to sell their NFTs seamlessly, with all the support and features to enable them to import existing collections or create new ones on KitcheNFT. Sellers can accrue residual income by specifying a percentage of the sale value as creator fees.

Supercharged by Velas, KitcheNFT is changing the NFT landscape with its speed and lower transaction costs, as well as bringing together the largest collection of NFTs living on the Velas network and beyond. KitcheNFT will also support other EVM chains like the BSC network.

Amongst other features, KitcheNFT has a dedicated launchpad where we support and incubate promising NFT artists so they can join us in the kitcheNFT to grill mouth-watering NFTs.

KitcheNFT — from the WagyuSwap team

KitcheNFT is brought to you by the same illustrious Chefs behind the first DEX on Velas (WagyuSwap). The chefs have added all the ingredients to this one as we continue to roll out WagyuSwap V2, and we are now inviting you to join us so we can serve you straight from our latest NFT kitchen.

Ready to explore our exquisite NFT marketplace? Join us on KitcheNFT to discover all the NFT dishes we have prepared for your pleasure.

Head on over to the Kitchenft socials to learn what else is cooking, as further updates are on on the way !

🔹Website: https://www.kitchenft.io

🔹Twitter: https://twitter.com/_KitcheNFT

🔹Telegram: https://t.me/KitcheNFT

🔹Discord: https://discord.gg/jAwHbwwX3b

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