WagyuSwap V2 Addition 1: What’s new in the Kitchen?

October 5, 2022

Hi, WagyuSwap community, we’ve got some tasty updates. The Chefs are proud to annouce today marks the start of the WagyuSwap V2 addtions. In this new version, we are unveiling Velascan, our latest blockchain explorer, with an improved user experience for the Velas Ecosytem.

Are you ready?

First, we appreciate our dedicated community for your continued loyalty and support. WagyuSwap is the first and fastest DEX built on the Velas Blockchain, giving you instant access to liquidity on the Velas network.

Velascan, the first of many sizzling upgrades in V2

Today the 28th of September, we have launched Velascan, our new blockchain explorer, Built by Anyscan for the Velas Blockchain, Velascan is familiar and easy to read. Although long overdue, It’s not meant to replace but present an additional option to the Velas explorer.

This latest product will bring an improved user interface with an exquisite layout, look and feel that we are all familiar with. However, it may not be directly a part of the actual WagyuSwap DaPP this is geared toward improving your overall experience and ability to read and understand on-chain data.

Velascan will help our users to view up-to-date information about blocks, transactions, and public addresses in the Velas network. In addition, it adds extra features like detailed charts and analytics to enable users to aggregate and make sense of blockchain data.

Velascan — In Partnership with WagyuSwap, built by AnyScan

The WagyuSwap Chefs are working hard and tirelessly to serve up the hottest upgrades for WagyuSwap V2. Stay close to the kitchen to make sure you are first to taste everything we’ve been cooking.

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