WagyuSwap 2023 First Addition : Wagyuswap_Node

February 7, 2023
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WagyuSwap 2023 First Addition : Wagyuswap_Node

Hello amazing patrons of the WagyuSwap kitchen, our latest delicacy has been in the slowcooker for some time now, simmering away to perfection, having done the final taste tests we’re pleased to be filling orders, and as you’ve come to expect, not a single ingredient was spared, It’s this unique flavour we know you’ll keep coming back for, maybe even a cheeky five star review…

We launched the WagyuSwap_Node, where you can delegate your VLX to earn mouthwatering VLX rewards on a Premium high Quality 0% fee validator node. As we keep on cooking, assisting the growth of the VELAS Blockchain, with it’s Loyal users, as always coming first, the Structure may change, but this memorable taste will only get stronger.

How exactly does it work?

Nodes ensure the efficiency, health, and security of a blockchain. On a proof-of-steak network like VELAS, validator nodes steak digital currency to power verification of transactions on the network. This steak is important to secure the network from malicious elements.

Steaking operates on a shared reward/risk model, and you earn a portion of the reward when you stake over a long period. The more steakers (delegators) the node receives, the higher the frequency writing transactions.

Behind the doors:

We had considered the running costs of this node operation and the other operators, and were going to charge a nominal commission of 8% of the total rewards earned by Validating with the revenue collected, minus the hardware/running expenses to buy back and burn more WAG tokens, but then the Chef’s all got together and thought, Selling VLX to buy $WAG is straight out crazy talk, VELAS is a future top 5 Blockchain, Let’s just make it free so users can get the most on their plates, and We’ll cover the costs for now, and When we hit the number 1 Validator Position, and it will happen, we’ll turn up the heat even more, more reasons to steak with us.

What do you need to get started?

To start, you will need a wallet that supports VELAS staking and a minimum of 1 VLX token, The team at VELAS have put together a comprehensive guide to assist VLX delegators here :https://docs.velas.com/staking/

The next Addition is already cooking!

The ever humble Chefs don’t want you to miss out on what’s cooking good looking, so as we continue to roll out WagyuSwap Updates keep an eye on the kitchen socials and sauces.

#Wagyuswap Node:


#WagyuSwap Official links:

Website: https://www.wagyuSwap.app

Telegram: https://t.me/wagyuswapofficialq

Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/WagyuAnn

Medium: https://bit.ly/38beTcr

Twitter: https://bit.ly/38cEhyj

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