Velhalla’s Comic NFTs take over the NFT MetaVerse!

March 12, 2022
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Rare opportunity awaits Velhalla’s NFT collectors

On January 27, the Velhalla MetaVerse will begin releasing the first of their highly anticipated comic book NFT series. 5 pages (1 chapter) full of viking-cyborg action will be released to the public every 10 days on OpenSea as collectible NFTs. Each full comic book will be a total of 25 pages and will be released throughout the year until the launch of the completed Velhalla game in December.

Holders of these NFTs will have the chance to earn big rewards by adding multiple pages from the comics to their collection. With every chapter (5 pages) that you collect, you will receive a Silver Character NFT to collect. Those dedicated and patient few who manage to collect a full 25 page comic will receive the coveted and extremely rare Golden Character NFT.

Each comic will have a different Special Character to collect, and for the first upcoming comic, holders will have the chance to collect Borr, the mighty cyborg gorilla! Only 500 copies of each comic page will be minted, so it would be a wise decision to jump in early.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your hands on the official Velhalla comic NFTs and begin building your futuristic viking-cyborg NFT collection! Subscribe to the official Velhalla youTube channel at, for updates, tutorials, and any upcoming releases.

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