Velas Army Launch

February 18, 2022
Announcement , Velas Army Original

Velas Army - Ready For Launch

Top 10 Reasons To Sign up

  • Forums
  • Blog Posts
  • News
  • Earn points and enter competitions
  • Governance – Vote to help shape the platform
  • Free VLX Faucet
  • Live price charts
  • Learn about the different projects in the Velas ecosystem
  • Anonymous – No email required for sign-up (Sign with a dedicated crypto wallet)
  • Forever expanding

Come and join us! 

The community is the backbone of any project. Here we can unite, share knowledge, play, and earn. 

Velas is expanding, and with it, so will its Army. is the primary landing dock of Velas, newcomers can pass through here, train, collect supplies from the Faucet, Rank up, and continue their onward journey.

There’s something for everyone! Lets create something GREAT – Together.


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