Velas Is Now Supported by BitKeep Wallet

March 12, 2022
Velas Official

Velas tokens (VLX) are now available in BitKeep wallet, cryptocurrency storage supporting various chains, and 45,000+ crypto assets of all types

We are proud to announce that Velas tokens (VLX) are now available in BitKeep wallet, cryptocurrency storage supporting various chains, and 45,000+ crypto assets of all types. Moreover, all Velas users have access to the whole DeFi ecosystem.

“This particular integration is another important step towards Velas mass adoption. Our blockchain becomes even more accessible for both end-users and developers as you can easily purchase VLX inside this decentralized application to start using our distributed ledger. This cooperation will definitely contribute to increasing the visibility of Velas”, — Velas CEO Farhad Shagulyamov said.

By using BitKeep wallet, users will have this unique opportunity to control over 4,500 cryptocurrencies of various types and to conduct transactions of all kinds with a couple of clicks. The application is available for Chrome browser. One can also download apps for iOS and Android mobile platforms to use BitKeep on the go.

About BitKeep

BitKeep is a decentralized application allowing users to store various types of cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets. One of the key goals of the team is to provide its customers with a secure and convenient tool to manage various cryptocurrencies.

According to the information on the BitKeep official website, this wallet was installed by 5 million users worldwide, and the number of active customers tends to increase in the near future. BitKeep supports many blockchain networks including Velas, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, and others.

Currently, the BitKeep ecosystem includes 40+ distributed ledgers and more than 8,000 decentralized applications. One of the most important advantages of BitKeep is that it provides users with a specialized dApp store (App Store analogue), where you can find various useful decentralized applications for various occasions.

BitKeep-Multi-Chain Wallet Focusing on DeFi

About Velas

The Velas blockchain is an example of a successful attempt to create the fastest and the cheapest distributed ledger. With its 75,000+ TPS and $0.00001 per transaction fee, this network remains the industry leader.

Velas is a combination of the best part of Solana open source code (upgraded by a team of skilled software engineers) and the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This mixture allows eventual developers to benefit from the advantages of the DPoS mechanism and deploy all types of dApps that were built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Velas is more than a simple distributed ledger. This is an ecosystem, which allows both developers and end-users to create and enjoy various types of decentralized applications. Moreover, the Velas foundation has launched a $100 million grant program to support talented teams that are going to contribute to the expansion of this ecosystem.


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