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Velas General Update — July 2022

August 6, 2022
Velas Official

Velas General Update — July 2022

Summer is almost at its equator and it knows that it’s time for us to show you the new Velas updates. Our team makes tremendous efforts and puts all its soul into the development of new features and functions of our platform. So let’s take a closer look at our updates!

UTORG Payment System Integration

Now our users can make their transactions via UTORG. Utorg is a FinTech company that offers а modern fiat to crypto exchange infrastructure to deliver а top-notch user experience. The company is EU-based and holds a license for providing a virtual currency service, in particular exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency, a virtual currency wallet service, and exchanging a virtual currency against a virtual currency.

Staking 2.0 improvement

Staking is essentially a lot like an interest-bearing account, in this case, a staking pool. You deposit your coins into the staking pool along with others. The smart contract distributes them to validators. When the validators complete their tasks they get rewards. Part of those rewards are then deposited into your account and the accounts of everyone who participated.

Staking 2.0 improvements:

  • Sync mobile staking and web staking 2.0.
  • Add descriptions on staking’s pre-loaders.
  • Update staking npm to 1.0.3 && package.json in web-wallet.
  • Change validators backend URL for mainnet.

Add USDV (Velero) to the list of default assets in Velas Network

Velero is a full-fledged fork of MakerDAO that works on Velas Blockchain, and the protocol behind the USDV stablecoin. Velero has improved the Maker`s auction system and has made it even more convenient and accessible.

Add Flow buy to USDV

In this update, we have added the first USDV stablecoin, which you can buy with Fiat from a credit card, choosing your preferred payment method. To do this, there are three you have a choice of three payment systems: Utorg, Transak and Simplex.

Add a retry button for failed transaction history

In the latest update, we add a “Retry” button that allows you to refresh the page in case your transaction history was displayed incorrectly.

Pre-loaders description order is incorrect when loading from RPC

In a recent update, we have made the descriptions more precise so that the user can more accurately understand what happens to the tools when downloading from RPC.

Flow optimization, remove bootstrap support, and fix styles

Also in the latest update, we have optimized the flow (dropdown with options for choosing a crypto) and also abandoned Bootstrap support. In addition, we fixed all display styles.

The Velas platform team works hard for you every day because our main goal is to make using our service as comfortable as possible for you. We cover all important events and changes in our service so that you always stay up to date with every change in our platform for the better. We also want to thank you for staying with us. After all, each of our clients is very valuable to us.

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