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Velas Flashlight #23 — Velas takes a step into the future with the launch of the F1–75 Scuderia…

March 12, 2022
Velas Official

Velas Flashlight #23 — Velas takes a step into the future with the launch of the F1–75 Scuderia Ferrari

The 23rd edition of everything that has happened with Velas over these past few weeks!

What is Velas FlashLight?

It’s all in the name — the latest and greatest news behind Velas across the globe, broken down into fast, digestible bites and illuminating the hard work our team has delivered in the past few weeks.

Velas FlashLight is a bi-weekly roundup of Velas in the news and across social media. From videos and mentions by your favorite YouTube and Twitter influencers to waves Velas is making in traditional media and articles, all in one place.

Velas takes a step into the future with the launch of the F1–75 Scuderia Ferrari

The presentation of the new Ferrari was an epic moment for everyone. If you’ve missed it, you can check out this moment here.

F1–75,​ the New Ferrari Single-Seater —

Discover the 2022 Ferrari Single-Seater F1–75 on the official site: exclusive specs, videos and images of the Ferrari…

Velas is happy to announce a new partnership with Eggheads

#Eggheads will be the first game launched on iLearn.

#iLearn aims to use blockchain technology to create a rewarding, engaging, and fun way to learn.

📲 Apply for a grant:

Velas introduces a new partnership with Avarta

The partnership between #Avarta and #Velas makes it possible for users to securely access multiple blockchains, offering more flexibility to exchange crypto assets.

📲 Apply for a grant:

​​Now the Velas community can buy $VLX faster and easier

A new way to buy VLX has been added to the Velas website. Now you can buy Velas ($VLX) with your credit and debit card. Try it out now!

Buy Cryptocurrency | Velas


Velas tokens ($VLX) are now available on DEXTools, an advanced platform for crypto analysts and investors

If you are a #DeFi user, and you want to anticipate market movements and develop better trading strategies, DEXTools will help you.

Velas Insider — Community-driven analytics and news


@VelasBlockchain is still growing impressively 🚀

According to data from @DeFiLlama, Velas is the top blockchain by TVL gain in the last 7 days 💥

For more information, please get acquainted with the statistics provided below 👇

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