Velas Announces Joint Venture with Vulos

June 19, 2022
Velas Official

Velas Users to Enjoy Vulos Identity and Vulos Signature Solutions

Velas is happy to announce a joint venture and integration partnership with Vulos, a data-protected initialization and scoring tool for GameFi and DeFi. Velas account has been integrated into Vulos’ identity solution allowing Velas users to create a digital identity and have seamless Web3 authentication and authorization flow.

Thanks to the integration, Velas users will now have control over their data as well as create a digital identity that will allow them to enter the metaverse and the crypto games world. Moreover, they will be able to prove their reputation with Vulos identity across the whole ecosystem of Vulos solutions and their partners’ products.

“Velas Account is a very powerful service that can be integrated with Web3 applications. It allows you to have a seamless integration without exposing the user’s sensitive information. Together with the integration of Vulos Identity, users can now have a full self-sovereign decentralized digital identity solution,” commented Gentian Elmazi, Vulos CEO.

We are sure that the Velas community will enjoy using both Vulos Identity, a decentralized self-sovereign digital identity, and Vulos Signature, a decentralized application that helps users sign, verify, and protect any document or an in-app transaction.

About Vulos


Vulos is an ecosystem of applications and services that allows individuals and institutions to securely communicate and share personal and confidential data over permitted private channels on the blockchain by providing them with the ability to use their digital identity and digital signature.

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