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TrustSwap Users Can Operate Velas-Enable Crypto On The Team Finance Platform

August 6, 2022
Velas Official

TrustSwap partners with Velas

TrustSwap and Velas have become partners! The mission of this partnership is to expand and strengthen the Crypto ecosystem in the world. Users get the opportunity to block their tokens for the required period on the Team Finance platform. DeFi becomes more secure with blockchains. Blocking the project’s liquidity pool tokens ensures that liquidity cannot be “pulled” and therefore by fraudulent investors.

In addition, blocking project tokens gives investors confidence that the owners will not sell tokens on the market of their project, taking money from them. Thus, it will expand the reach and attract more users for both partners.

TrustSwap is a company that provides blockchain-related DeFi tools and services to enterprise and retail clients. The company creates convenient and affordable tools, decentralized applications and services related to the blockchain. The tools ensure the security and integrity of cryptocurrencies for newbies and crypto consumers, both large and small. TrustSwap solves problems in the DeFi space connected to payments, escrow, minting, token and liquidity locks, and fundraising.

About TrustSwap

TrustSwap Home

TrustSwap products provide solutions for cryptocurrency asset allocation, staking and tracking, NFT services and fundraising. Velas is powered by TrustSwap’s industry-leading platform, Team Finance.

Token and Liquidity Locking | Team by TrustSwap

Team Finance platform allows blockchain projects to lock their ERC20 coins and Liquidity Pool (LP) Liquidity tokens in a non-custodial, time-released smart contract vault. All coins are locked into their audited smart contract and can only be withdrawn by you after lock time expires.

This platform provides “Token Locking” solutions for security to token investors, knowing that there is a structure to the TrustSwap’s coins allocation. If teams lock their TrustSwap and LP Tokens then the infamous “rug pull” won’t happen.

According to Team Finance’s statistics, the total locked token value is more than $2 billion, the total locked liquidity value is more than $200 million, and 29103 projects are locked using TrustSwap.

“At TrustSwap, we’re excited about our relationship with Velas. Adding support for the Velas Blockchain to our industry-leading Team Finance platform extends our reach to more customers. It’s also consistent with our mission of bringing Crypto to the world and strengthening the wider Crypto ecosystem.” Jeff Kirdeikis, CEO

We are pleased to announce that this collaboration will accelerate the Crypto expansion and attract new interested customers. Platform users can take advantage of the two technology companies and enjoy enhanced security, decentralization, and scalability. Users will also help in achieving our mission. It will be an excellent mutually beneficial cooperation.

Velas Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube |Telegram

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