Velas Army Game Bot was made with the VELAS community in mind, but it’s open to all!

Here are some key features that we have over other Telegram Game Bots:

  1. Anti cheat code to detect any cheat attempts or attempts to inject a fake score
  2. The Admin of the group is the only one who can request which game to play
  3. Leaderboards are stored at Velas.Army and not by Telegram, making it possible for group Admins to have more control and be able to reset the leaderboards of each game
  4. Velas project themed games – Exposure of VELAS to non VELAS related groups for whoever chooses to use our game bot





To have a game skinned to your project theme, get in touch!


  1. Add @velasarmy_game_bot to a group and grant it admin rights
  2. As an admin use the /play command and select a game to play
  3. Pin the pop up of the game in the group for users to find and access to play, once competitions are over you can optionally delete the pinned message
  4. Any user can request the leaderboard of a particular game by using the /leaderboard (game code) command
  5. Admins can reset the leaderboard of a particular game by using the /reset (game code) command
  6. Please ensure as a user that your Telegram App has an @name assigned. This is used to store your score in the database, if you don’t have one , the game won’t run. Also on first use, please accept the permissions. The info collected to form the leaderboards are Group name, Username, User ID , Name of game they played


VelasArmy Pinball – Game Code (pinball)

Velas Goals – Game Code (velas goals)

MoonMongrel Chase – Game Code (bionic race)