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December 21, 2022
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What is KitcheNFT?

Something is cooking on the Velas chain; when NFTlaunch, a revolutionary NFT launchpad, announced its partnership with KitcheNFT, it signaled the arrival of the hottest NFT marketplace.

KitcheNFT is the ultimate NFT marketplace on the high-performance Velas network with EVM chain support which promises to change how we see, buy and sell NFTs. It is home to an exclusive collection of NFTs from inspired creators that will surely tickle your fancy.

The chefs at KitcheNFT serve NFTs differently, with a wide collection of the most coveted items ranging from art, in-game assets, rare collectibles, and music. It is guaranteed the tastiest kitchen for NFTs on the Velas network and beyond.

Bon appetit!

The NFT frenzy took the world by storm last year, with billions traded across marketplaces; major brands and celebrities also joined the bandwagon. The NFT market is well-placed to continue its upwards trajectory, and KitcheNFT is well-positioned to bring the revolution to the Velas network.

KitcheNFT (not kitchen NFT) was founded in 2022 with the vision of building a robust NFT marketplace for the Velas network, as well as offering creators and developers a customized storefront to showcase their collections to users around the world. The Chefs at KitcheNFT aim to serve users smoking-hot NFT collections with great utility and applications.

KitcheNFT’s technology

KitcheNFT is multi-chain but is built primarily on Velas — a layer 1 blockchain and one of the fastest EVM chains, with about 75K transactions per second, supporting the next generation of DApps. Velas is a fork of the Solana, built to support Ethereum-based projects, and most importantly, offers the lowest transaction fees than other Layer-1 blockchains.

Several exciting projects have been built on the Velas network, including WagyuSwap (the largest DEX on the Velas blockchain), BitOrbit( a decentralized social media platform), and now KitcheNFT, which promises to offer a unique experience for collectors, buyers, sellers, and NFT enthusiasts. Velas has gained popularity since its launch in 2019, attracting collaborations with notable brands like Ferrari and SpaceChain.

How will the KitcheNFT marketplace work?

Anyone can create, buy and sell NFTs easily on the platform. KitcheNFT allows creators and developers to earn passive income from secondary sales. They can specify a percentage of sales value that will accrue to them each time the item is resold. The platform will primarily utilize VLX, Velas blockchain native token, to buy and sell collectibles. Also, users will be able to bid on their favorite assets once they have connected their VLX-funded wallets.

Our Chefs are ready!

KitcheNFT and WagyuSwap

As the biggest decentralized exchange on the Velas network, WagyuSwap will play a significant role in the future success of KitcheNFT. With both platforms leveraging the same blockchain, KitcheNFT is the ultimate marketplace for NFTs. At the same time, WagyuSwap will continue to provide instant liquidity for projects on the Velas blockchain so you can easily swap VLX tokens to buy NFTs on KitcheNFT.

Why create or build on KitcheNFT?

Our marketplace is built by a trusted team(WagyuSwap) on one of the fastest blockchains globally and offers low transaction fees. Also, selling items on KItcheNFT opens up your store to a broad user base of gamers, traders, and NFT collectors on the Velas network, so you can easily convert your items to crypto.

KitcheNFT helps developers and creators set up a fully customized store to display and offer tasty NFT collections to users. Customization is essential as users are likelier to discover and build interest in fully personalized stores. Hence, KitcheNFT will offer the best features for tailoring your store to suit your project.

We know building an NFT smart contract can be challenging, but the Chefs at KitcheNFT are out to support developers looking to build on our platform and embed collections on their websites. The marketplace will support a wide range of assets, including music, art, domain names, and in-game assets, provided they are on the blockchain.

Ready to start building on KitcheNFT

As an artist or designer, you can learn more about launching your collection on this buzzing marketplace built on one of the fastest-growing blockchains. Simply fill out the form, and our team will get back to you.

If you are a developer looking to start building on KitcheNFT, we look forward to chatting with you. Kindly reach out on Telegram

You can also follow any of our socials to learn what else is cooking





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