The FIRST METAVERSE Planet Land Release — Session 3

March 12, 2022
Ecosystem Updates , Velhalla

The FIRST METAVERSE Planet Land Release — Session 3

Topnotch Game Design and remarkable progress in Velhalla Metaverse

The month of January was a month full of major releases for the Velhalla MetaVerse. With the launch of the SCAR token staking, and the release of the first chapter of the Velhalla Comic NFT Series, these are just the first of many exciting things to come with this growing MetaVerse.

In the newest DEV meeting update video for January 2022, The Great Creators of the upcoming Velhalla game give their thanks to all those who participated in the NFT comic book sale and staking (01:35–04:51), which, was a great success with all copies of the first chapter of the comic selling out in less than 24 hours!

This months meeting video also covers more of the game design including the DMZ land, accessories for your characters and potential in game upgrades (04:52–08:13), updates on the planet creation (08:14–11:44), and the upcoming land presale (11:45–13:54). Art production, character production updates, and building construction drafts (13:55–19:41), along with a sneak preview of what’s coming next in development are all waiting in the video below!

Follow the official Velhalla MetaVerse on YouTube at, to stay up to date with all upcoming releases, tutorials, and the monthly DEV meetings! To the victor go the spoils in Velhalla!

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