Swapz LP Farming Coming Soon

March 12, 2022
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Earn 2M SWAPZ by staking your SWAPZ-BNB LP tokens

One day after delivering the much-awaited and long-expected Swapz Lite Paper, we have another announcement to reward the Swapz Cross-chain Gang for their unrelenting loyalty.

In addition to rewarding your loyalty through the SWAPZ Staking Program, we will now make it possible to farm your SWAPZ-BNB LP tokens to earn your share of the 2 Million SWAPZ we’ve made available for farming.

Here’s what you need to know about farming your LP tokens for SWAPZ.

Farming will only be available by the end of July and there’ll be 2M SWAPZ for you to earn.

To get started, you will need to get your LP tokens. This is the same as saying you will have to provide Liquidity on PancakeSwap in the form of however many SWAPZ you hold and an equivalent amount of BNB.

You can do this by going on PancakeSwap, clicking “Add Liquidity” and selecting SWAPZ and BNB.

(Once you receive your LP tokens, adding them to Metamask will be easy as PancakeSwap will automatically prompt you to do so with a simple message.)

You are now a Liquidity Provider. Ready to be rewarded for helping Swapz build the Ultimate DEX?

Awesome, let’s get you earning some extra SWAPZ.

As soon as the Farming program is live — we’re aiming for next week around the 26th July — you just have to stake your SWAPZ-BNB LP tokens on staking.swapz.org.

The farming period will last 9 months with rewards regularly distributed every block.

You will be able to withdraw your rewards anytime and you will also be able to add more LP tokens whenever you want.

To find out exactly when farming will be available, join our Official Channel on Telegram, our Announcement Channel, or follow us on Twitter. Better yet, join all three and never miss the latest Swapz news.

There are A LOT of cool developments in the pipeline.

Stay tuned, gang.

SWAPZ: The Cross-Chain Zero-Slippage DEX

Here’s what you need to know about trading on SWAPZ:

  • Zero-Slippage puts 100% of YOUR gains in YOUR wallet.
  • Cross-Chain trading lets you explore the entire DeFi landscape.
  • Human error: not on Swapz. You’re protected.
  • It’s so user friendly it turns green newbies into seasoned pros.

Stop dreaming about life-changing trades.

Make them on Swapz.

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