Swapz and QUAI vow to build a multi-chain DeFi together

March 12, 2022
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Right on the heels of announcing the AstroSwap, Centaur Finance, and Velhalla partnerships, we are proud to bring yet another groundbreaking collaboration to our loyal supporters.

QUAI Invest is everything DeFi. It offers an easy to use DeFi gateway for BTC, BCH, ZEC, and Doge holders to Ethereum and BSC markets, while aggregating a diverse array of services on a single platform, ranging from Quant Investing, yield farming, NFTs , swaps and borrow & lend money market, across multiple blockchains.

QUAI Invest offers users frictionless access to DeFi and NFT markets, making it easy for anyone to earn yields, receive rewards, trade NFTs and allocate capital, all while getting a share in platform fees distributions through QUAI cohort farming. 

How exactly will Swapz fit into this framework?

Swapz will help QUAI expand its core cross-chain capabilities to all the networks and assets we support, which will naturally grow as we add more chains.

From where we stand this partnership is a match made in heaven. Both Swapz and QUAI are perfectly aligned in the view that the future of DeFi is multi-chain. We both want to enable the flow of value across chains and ecosystems in a frictionless and secure manner so that users can get the most value out of their capital.

In more practical terms, this partnership will be reflected much like with our collaboration with Wagyu Swap: QUAI will add a Swapz widget to its platform, so that its users can use our protocol to unlock their stables in their desired network.

Whether they know it or not, individuals and platform alike will be yet another step closer to the web3 we imagine.

Stay tuned for more announcements.

About Swapz

Swapz is a cross-chain stablecoin swapping platform that connects all EVM compatible blockchains, effectively uniting DeFi with web3. When traders and investors see a profitable opportunity on a different chain, Swapz lets them quickly and securely swap their stablecoins into that network to make that winning trade.

About QUAI Invest

QUAI Invest is a platform that presents a unique combination of capital allocation strategies to select pools, LP token compounding farms, Swaps, NFT Creator platform and multi-chain borrow & lend money markets. QUAI Invest also incorporates a unique cross chain DeFi On-Ramp designed to allow investors from BTC – Ethereum – Binance Smart Chain Networks to quickly and easily on-board and allocate capital. QUAI invest presents a diverse range of native features to allocate, earn and receive rewards, while staying long in popular core portfolio assets.

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