Sparkies Launches an NFT Marketplace with the Velas Grant Program

June 10, 2022
Velas Official

Velas is excited to share the launch of a new NFT Marketplace by Sparkies that took place back in April as a part of the Velas grant program. With this decentralized marketplace, users can buy, sell, trade, and even create their own NFTs with all Velas NFTs being indexed automatically.

Sparkies’ functional and easy-to-use marketplace has plenty of great features, such as auction sales and an NFT launchpad. Users may already explore a number of NFT collections there. The marketplace is designed for the Velas blockchain, so we hope our users will find it enjoyable and beneficial.

“Our marketplace will be a turning point for Velas as it is designed specifically for this blockchain, has easy-to-use functionality, and is focused on serving the needs of Velas users, making the secondary market much more accessible,” said Sparkies CEO.

About Sparkies

Sparkies – Create, trade and express yourself on sparkies

Sparkies is a decentralized marketplace built on Velas blockchain. Sparkies was launched as a part of the Velas grant program, and it allows users to conveniently trade NFTs, with a number of NFT collections already available to choose from. Users can also create their own NFTs in no time.

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