Deflix Finance

Project description is the Official autocompound of the Velas blockchain (granted by Velas).
At Deflix we aim to provide a safe and easy to use ecosystem for users to be able to just stake and forget.

You can bring your asset from the swaps we aggregate and autocompound them in vaults in one click and a unique transaction.
Deflix take care of the rest by harvesting and compounding multiple times a day for the highest APY possible on Velas Blockchain.

Let’s talk more about what new horizons #Velas provides to projects.✨
To start working with Velas, visit the official website:

Do you want to benefit from auto-compounding Vaults on the Blockchain of the year ?

It’s only here on

#deflix #Velas #WAGYUSWAP

Velas @VelasBlockchain


πŸ”₯ To move your dapps from Ethereum to Velas, the lightning-fast EVM chain aims to address the scalability issue; @VelasBlockchain

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