Project description

Velas is a Swiss headquartered technology company led by a diverse team of engineers, cryptographers, researchers, mathematicians and results-driven business leaders.

Together, we’re working to improve everyones lives, by making advanced and disruptive technologies more accessible.

What we do?

We are building an open-sourced blockchain ecosystem of services and products, aiming to combine best qualities of both centralized and decentralized solutions. It involves researching state-of-the-art cryptography, developing consensus protocols and designing intuitive user interfaces providing developers, enterprises and people worldwide to create and join easily accessible, transparent and community-governed ecosystem for web 3.0.

Our vision

We believe that disruptive technologies and innovations will empower us to build aself-governed, decentralized futuredriven by the collective intelligence of the community.

Our mission

Our mission is to create and integrate world-changing technology products and services to improve people’s lives all over the globe.


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