Project description

JungleSwap VLX aims to be the best automatic liquidity acquisition yield farm and AMM decentralized exchange running on the Velas EVM blockchain.

JUNGLE token is at the heart of the JungleSwap ecosystem. Buy it, win it, farm it, spend it, stake it.
No registration needed, connect via wallet and start staking today.

Trade anything. No registration, no hassle.

Contract address

Building the New #Africa. Central African Republic is leading the change by supporting global adoption of cryptocurrencies and #Bitcoin.

Have a chance to win e-Residency, Citizenship, Land or $SANGO. Join the $1,000,000 Prize Pool contest: https://bit.ly/3bbZRbn


New Development in the Jungleswap Velas Arbitrage Board! http://vlx.jungleswap.space/arbit

Do a single transaction to receive more of the Token you sent!

Just 1 click, your Token gets sold for a cheap Token on one dex, this token gets sold for the initial Token on anotehr dex!

Try NOW!

In the beginning of starting any project,
Any perfect idea seems worse!
Geat projects will be their outcome.
And we, are just In the beginning of our wonderful journey!
The game is just started!
#velas #vlx #nft #metaverse #p2e #velasarmy

Many peope asked that why Mint hasn’t been started yet, our goal is not just selling; We want to inform and make the community conscious.
In the next posts, information about spaces will be provided.
#velas #vlx #Metaverse #nft #p2e #velasarmy #velasblockchain

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