velas toadz

Project description

Velas Toadz are a collection of 1789 small amphibious living creatures that survive on Velas swamps. These unique creatures are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Velas blockchain. Velastoadz is the first animated NFT collection on Velas.

Mint Price

300 VLX

New investors, new millionaires, new world for @VelasToadzNFT investors @VelasBlockchain
We were brave to go ahead with the launch in this time with confidence on our collection and ability of #velas investors to appreciate great art
#NFTProject #NFTCommunity @VeleroDAO

Minting happening – LFG!!!

Lets enjoy the party with the 1st animated NFT collection on @VelasBlockchain
@velasinsider @VelasDaily @VelasVlx @VelasArmy

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