Velas OG Punks

Project description

What are Velas OG Punks?


The data for each Velas OG Punk is stored entirely on the Velas Blockchain Blockchain. This includes the image of the Velas OG Punk and its metadata.

Other NFT projects commonly use IPFS, Arweave or even Google Drive to store NFT data off-chain, as fees would be too high to store the data on-chain. Thanks to the super-low fees on Velas Blockchain we stored all 10,000 NFTs directly on chain for under $6.


Every Velas OG Punk has been randomly generated, each with its own unique features. Attributes of Velas OG Punks have a variety of rarities, will you mint the rarest combination?


Velas Blockchain is fast, with an average confirmation time of just 2 seconds and a gas cost of 0.0003 VLX, buying and transferring Velas OG Punks is extremely fast and extremely cheap!

Mint Price

50 VLX