Velas og apes

Project description

A tech-filled utopian future where only 1111 OG Apes survived. Collection of cool and unique OG Apes ready to land on Velas.

Mint Price

Sold Out - 150 VLX

If this is your project, get in touch and you can keep all Cadets and new Recruits up to date by providing your own content in this space.

Hooray!🌲 @VelasBlockchain is carbon neutral. Finally! Tap “Like\Retweet” to congrats us!✨

🍃It’s the first step towards making our world better for everyone!

Today #VDGT winner is

Winning OG Ape is #134

Congratz winner 🥳

Enjoy – Stay positive – Share positivity

#velas @velasinsider @VelasDaily @VelasArmy @Velas_VLX @VelasVlx @WagyuSwap_app @RareGems_io @sparkiesio

Winner of our 1st day Giveaway is owner of @VelasOgApes #635 – address – 0x2d7C0AF296954B980f5386303e4F90139e678539
It gives immense pleasure to announce that the winner to get 5k VDGT from @VeleroDAO team directly.
Thanks @agamimosh – #WAGMI

[Attaching winning OG Ape]

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