nft recycler

Project description

Have you ever had FOMO on an NFT drop? Aped in? Perhaps you’ve simply just been trying to sell one particular NFT forever, and you’ve not had any bites? Maybe you’re an NFT trader just wanting to rotate stock?

Whatever the scenario, welcome to NFT Recycler!

Initially 100 Membership Tokens have been loaded into the mixer. Holding a Membership Token entitles all future swaps to be carried out at a 50% discount for life.

For security and to help resist against manipulation, only certain amounts of particular collections are eligible to be in the pot. These will be updated and revised over time.

To use NFT RECYCLER, it’s simple, connect your wallet, choose an NFT you no longer want, and authorise the small VLX fee. The NFT RECYCLER will then take your NFT and fee and return you any random NFT for one that is in the pot.

Keep an eye out on the collection widgets because stock, collections and collection levels are updated regularly. Watch out also for donated NFT’s from new collections. You can be assured that we will keep things interesting!