Velero dao VDGT

Project description

We forked MakerDAO for Velas Blockchain to have its own stablecoin.
So VeleroDAO is the main infrastructure project on Velas.

USDV is the first collateral-backed stablecoin on Velas Blockchain

You can mint USDV by adding assets from Velas as a collateral

Hedge your funds, use whole potential of your assets and trade
with VeleroDAO


This page is for the platforms governance token VDGT. For USDV stable coin, check HERE

Contract address

🦄Looking for something to listen to whilst you continue to stare at the charts?! 😅 Here’s a list of our favourite podcasts for crypto, investing and life in general!

Here we go again!

📣 @VelasBlockchain X VeleroDAO AMA session with Dmytro Kryshtal, CMO @VeleroDAO and Alex, Global CM at Velas, is happening on September 23, 2022 on our Twitter.

We’re going to discuss what progress #VeleroDAO has reached so far and answer community questions.

🦄The VeleroDAO team is happy to invite everyone on our next AMA w/ @VelasBlockchain .

⏳Waiting for all our community into Twitter spaces at 6PM, today!

💜Don’t hesitate to join our Instagram channel, where you can find the latest updates about #VeleroDAO.

🦄 Feel free to ask us about our project!

👾The integration of the architecture of decentralized autonomous organizations into the DeFi project led to the birth of an entirely new mechanism for issuing stablecoins.

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