Vloki Inu

Project description

The Vloki Inu project is a Web3 metaverse project being built on the Velas Blockchain.
Our metaverse offerings will be released towards the end of 2022, however, our NFT marketplace launched in December of 2021, and was the second NFT marketplace on Velas.

Our metaverse will include:

  • Wearable items (on sale now)
  • Land Sale
  • Live events
  • Quests

Our metaverse will be play-to-earn, we will allow you to earn our native VINU token by completing missions and earning achievements.

Contract address

Airdrop: 28000000000 $VINU – 0.28%
Liquidity Pool: 57000000000 $VINU – 0.57%
Owned by the creators: 2250000000000 $VINU – 22.50%
Future rewards: 4450000000000 $VINU – 44.50%
Owned by the Community:ย  3215000000000 $VINU – 32.15%