scarquest - Velhalla

Project description

Scar Quest – Velhalla is a metaverse unlike any other out there on the market. It will allow its users to immerse themselves in a new universe where they can perform a wide range of actions, purchase and sell virtual pieces of land, outfit highly detailed characters, and more.

Originally it was due for release on the Velas blockchain, but now it finds its home on BSC. Assets and Scar token is still available and tradable on Velas.

Contract address

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Developer Update Sessions 11 & 12 has gone so fast and we’re just a few steps closer to Velhalla’s full-game launch! Since October, the DEV...
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Developer Update Session 10

The DEVs Offer Up a Sneak Peek of the Upcoming In-Game Combat month past, and another month closer to Velhalla! The...
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