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An NFT marketplace coming soon to Velas, created by the team at WagyuSwap.

👨‍🍳We paired up with @apeexotic & our friends @BlueZillaVc & @NFT_LAUNCH for @F1 #MiamiGP!

🔥We were the main ingredient on a 22 Lamborghini Huracan! With #Velas partnered with @ScuderiaFerrari, it was the perfect time to show the world what we’re serving up – the tastiest NFTs🤤

🧑‍🍳Introducing the Chef’s Select Menu!

🔥The Chef’s Select menu has been crafted to help support the top NFT projects with the highest-quality ingredients that will propel the @VelasBlockchain

🎉The debut Chef’s Select project is @squareclubNFT!

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🥩 A Burnt Steak Isn’t Always Bad 😉

🔥 The Chefs behind #KitcheNFT will be using 50% of all fees collected to BUY BACK & BURN @WagyuSwap Tokens! 🤯

#nft #NFTCommunity
#nfts $WAG


👨‍🍳We are bringing the most powerful chains to the crème de la crème of NFT marketplaces!

🚀KitcheNFT is proud to announce we’re serving up the ultimate NFT marketplace for @PulsechainCom and @VelasBlockchain

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