Mission Whale Catch

August 21, 2022
Announcement , Velas Army Original

Welcome Soldier,
Are you ready to report for duty?
We have 1000 VLX up for grabs
Some of you may have noticed our new faucet Tweets. That’s because we’ve rolled out a little update. Now we need your help!
Each new Tweet will be composed of a ‘Body’ + ‘2x #hastags’ + 1x ‘mention’ + #VELAS
The faucet will compile the tweets by randomly selecting these from a database. 
Will you help us compile the lists? 
The plan is to have unique Tweets each time which can reach the wider audience by use of relative crypto hashtags.
The ‘mentions’ will be made up of current projects in the Velas ecosystem, feel free to retweet when you see them.
Winners will be picked based on a combination of quality and the imagination that goes into the task.
Think of it like Tweet scheduling. Write a bunch of tweets about Velas or a project on Velas, Have your say and let the world know!
Entrants should provide both ‘Tweet bodies’ and ‘#hashtags’ – in separate lists. Please DM them via Telegram to @BlockApprentice
Winners picked 1st September. Good luck!

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