MetaOcean Launches an NFT Marketplace on the Velas Chain

May 20, 2022
Velas Official

MetaOcean — an NFT marketplace residing on the Velas chain

MetaOcean has successfully launched an NFT marketplace focused on digital collectibles and assets connected to the Metaverse under the Velas Grants Program.

MetaOcean is dedicated to NFTs residing on the Velas chain, so the Velas token will be the default currency used to buy and sell NFTs.

MetaOcean has all the features users need to buy and sell their favorite NFTs on the incredibly fast Velas chain.

“MetaOcean is a fast and friendly NFT marketplace for trading NFTs on the Velas blockchain. It is designed with a user-first approach. Anyone can quickly onboard and create their NFTs quickly and effectively.” — commented MetaOcean’s CEO.

On MetaOcean, users can easily set up wallets and add their own NFTs as well as their descriptions and titles. Users can also create different NFT collections, add social links to them, and then set secondary sales fees. Users have the freedom to choose how to sell their NFTs deciding between auctions, fixed-price listings, and declining-price listings.

About MetaOcean

MetaOcean is a sophisticated marketplace dedicated to artists and NFT collectors. As a decentralized initiative, MetaOcean was created to enable NFT enthusiasts to participate in this happening new trend.

The team believes in the easy process of NFT creation, affordable fees, and high-speed transactions. MetaOcean runs on the Velas blockchain and empowers creators with accessible and reliable tools.

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