Marvelous NFTs (Bad Days) IDO Is Coming

March 14, 2022
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Bad Days originally began as an animation series that went viral on YouTube with over 1 billion views and 900K + subscribers showing superheroes having a “bad day.” Now, these iconic characters have made their debut into the cryptosphere with a NFT, play-to-earn game!

IDO Date: Friday, January 14th

Staking Eligibility Cutoff: Friday, January 14th, 5 AM UTC

Public Sale Token Price: $0.12 USD

Allocation Round Opens: Friday, January 14th, 8 AM UTC

  • #BSCPAD FCFS Round: Friday, January 14th, 1 PM UTC
  • #GameZone FCFS Round: Friday, January 14th, 1.10 PM UTC
  • #VelasPad FCFS Round: Friday, January 14th, 1.20 PM UTC
  • #NFTLaunch FCFS Round: Friday, January 14th, 1.30 PM UTC

PancakeSwap/QuickSwap listing:

  • PancakeSwap: Friday, January 14th, 3 PM UTC
  • QuickSwap: Friday, January 14th, 3:30 PM UTC

Maximum Token Supply: 275,000,000 $MNFT

Public Sale: Friday, January 14th

  • #BSCPad: 2,500,000 $MNFT
  • #GameZone: 2,500,000 $MNFT
  • #VelasPad: 2,395,833 $MNFT
  • #NFTLaunch: 1,666,666 $MNFT

Circulating Supply at Listing: 1,546,875 $MNFT

Market Capitalization at Listing: $185,625 USD

Public Sale Vesting Schedule: 15% at TGE, 1 week cliff, linearly distributed daily over 4 months

About Marvelous NFTs ‘Bad Days’:

Marvelous NFTs ‘Bad Days’ ($MNFT ) is the first game release from the Marvelous Game Studio. Featuring Iconic Characters and NFT assets From the Stan Lee animation series Bad Days, Dual token play-to-earn economy, Exclusive intellectual property, P2P NFT Marketplace, ESports tournaments, NFT lending, and much more.

What problems does Marvelous NFTs solve?

Marvelous NFTs is poised to enter the market with a unique blend of NFT/DeFi and interactive animated gameplay including well known IP and characters, cross chain token and custom erc1155 contracts. With an emphasis on non crypto user base adoption, Marvelous NFTs aims to reduce the barriers of entry into the crypto/gaming space.

How Does Marvelous NFTs Fit in the Current Ecosystem?

Notable features include:

✨ Play-To-Earn

✨ At the heart of the economy is the MNFT Utility token incentivizing the play-to earn environments and player-driven economies. Via gameplay interactions, players will be able to earn rewards and feed the progression and growth of their asset values and strategic edge. Imagine being paid to play a game!

✨NFT lending economy

✨ Owners will be able to Lend Character NFT assets to players creating an opportunity for players to access and participate in the play-to-earn environments eliminating the pay-to-play barriers.

✨ PVP Marketplace

✨ Players and owners of NFTs can buy/sell their assets directly in the Marvelous marketplace or 3rd party platforms such as Open Sea.


Token Utility

The Marvelous NFTs token (MNFT) has multiple functions. At its core, the marvelous nfts token contract has the ability to interact with staking contracts, in game purchases and NFTs. The MNFT token and FUSE token are key utilities within the game ecosystem and marketplace. The MNFT token has two deflationary Mechanisms including fee distribution and buy back mechanisms.


Game Dev- Ongoing 2021–2022

  • Animation/ Graphics ongoing
  • Phase 1 Daap release Q4 2021 (Complete)
  • Marketplace (Complete)
  • Alpha Character NFT Sale (Complete)
  • Fusion Character upgrades
  • Partnership character claim (Complete)
  • Token Smart Contracts (Complete)
  • Layer 2 protocol Polygon (Complete)
  • Contract Audits (Hacken)
  • Coin Market Cap listing (Complete)
  • CoinGecko listing (Pending TGE)
  • Website (DAAp) (Complete)

Phase 2–2022

  • Cross chain Bridge (POLYGON/BSC)
  • MNFT Token IDO
  • Exchange listings Dex
  • Exchange Listing CEX
  • PVP Battle Arenas
  • LP Staking
  • NFT Farming
  • Partnership Integrations
  • Esports Tournaments

Phase 3

  • New Character sets
  • Addition of Marketplace Items
  • Boost and Character upgrades
  • 3v3 Battle Royal
  • Dev Updates and improvements
  • Explore other Cex and Dex listing
  • V2 metaverse Development

Marvelous NFT Official Socials

Game version is already out, and you can access it directly from here:

Website | TwitterTelegram

Please note: in order to be eligible for participation in the IDO, you must follow the KYC guide for each of the corresponding launchpads.





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