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Introducing ACFI: The Governance Token for Accumulated Finance

December 12, 2023
Accumulated Finance , Ecosystem Updates

With a capped supply of 3 billion tokens, ACFI introduces a unique staking system, promising a blend of governance and robust revenue distribution. Let’s unravel the layers of ACFI’s ecosystem and discover what sets it apart in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

Unlocking Governance with stACFI

ACFI can be staked in stACFI for 52 weeks. Governance decisions are in the hands of stACFI holders, establishing a democratic approach to protocol management. As a reward for active participation, protocol revenue flows directly to the stACFI holders, ensuring a symbiotic relationship between token holders and the protocol.

Protocol Revenue Distribution

stACFI revenue engine is fuelled by a dual strategy:

  • Firstly, the protocol taps into the fees generated by liquid stakings across a diverse array of integrated protocols. Aiming to integrate over 50 protocols, ACFI creates a dynamic and bustling ecosystem.
  • Additionally, Accumulated Finance introduces the Discounted Staking Option (DSO), a savvy move that allows liquidity providers to purchase ACFI at a discount instead of receiving tokens for free. This strategic approach aims to attract a diverse range of participants, fostering liquidity and ensuring a vibrant revenue stream.

50% of the Liquid Staking Tokens (LST), used to purchase ACFI options, are allocated to stACFI holders.

The remaining 50% are perpetually locked into the Accumulated Finance. This perpetual lock boosts liquid staking APR for all liquid stakers and ensures a continuous staking mechanism within the integrated protocols, creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits the health, growth, and liquidity of the entire ecosystem. In essence, ACFI’s perpetual staking strategy becomes a powerful engine, fostering a lasting and mutually beneficial connection with the integrated protocols.

stACFI Tiered System

The tiered options discount system rewards loyalty and commitment. The more stACFI you hold and the longer you hold, the greater the discount on ACFI call options. It’s a tiered structure that aligns incentives for long-term engagement, turning stACFI into a coveted badge for those aiming to maximize their benefits within the ACFI ecosystem.


Looking ahead, ACFI is preparing for its debut in Q1 2024, with plans to implement governance and revenue sharing by Q2/Q3 2024. As we work towards these milestones, ACFI stands as a project based on a practical staking model and strategic revenue approaches. The focus remains on delivering tangible value rather than grand claims. Stay tuned for the upcoming launch — a step forward in the liquid staking ecosystem, where ACFI aims to provide a solid, community-focused foundation.

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