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    • Hi,

      did you think about makeing some topic where everyone could put their ideas how to improve Velas Army community?
      Maybe there would be possibility to make some DAO-like voting so everyone could help to develope and improve our little community?


    • Hi Mizu,

      We have some huge updates coming to hopefully expand our ‘little’ community!!

      It’s a good idea. I we do however have governance which is page where if you hold enough Chain Fragments, you can enter and participate in polls aimed at shaping Velas Army!

      A forum topic will be good also. I will create one and I will move this post there.

    • If anyone has any ideas on features we could implement, let us know here! We are eager to hear your thought.

    • Yes! The collective ideas are always a good idea!💪

    • Strong community, we need to bring more in here

    • We will be hosting some AMA’s soon, hopefully it will bring the community tighter and engaging more. We might open some voice chats in the Velas Army Official Telegram group at times. We are growing at a nice pace and most importantly, organically. So I can only imagine what it will be like when we have 5k plus followers/users. Looking forward to it.

    • bullish!

Viewing 6 reply threads
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