Velas Army AMA With WagyuSwap Recap 27/02/2022

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    • 1. Tell me about bit of what Velas Army is about?
      Until now, information about Velas and its ecosystem have been scattered across the digital universe, so we created a static space for all relevant information to be available under one hub. That is why we created Our aim is to encapsulate all the needs of the community by introducing Blogs with ‘How to’ guides, Forums for topic discussions and as much information as we could possibly gather for each individual project, including live price chart, twitter feeds, contract addresses and links. We will be adding more in time to come. We are including a VLX faucet and so we expect a lot of traffic from newcomers.

      2. How do you think will help Velas grow?
      We think we can help create awareness to Velas with Tweets from out faucet. We can create more awareness the larger the user base and participation from the community and its projects. With giveaways we hope to encourage daily micro task which in turn will help with the ranking of Velas and its projects on external sites.

      3. What are the benefits of listing a project on
      We will be carrying out our own marketing and provide a lot of valuable resources and information for newcomers. You have a chance to display your project in our directory, have quick links to add your token to Metamask and to import your token to Wagyuswap. We also provide the opportunity for you to keep your investors up to date with a special area on your page which only you (The project owner) can edit. This can be a simple personal introduction, an update, or news of an upcoming contest.

      4. What incentives do you give for projects owners to donate or offer giveaway prizes?
      It is self marketing, but we can offer your project to be ‘featured’ on the directory for a set period of time. We can also generate the tweet on the faucet to promote your project. We have many in built options to work in harmony to benefit the investors and the project owners and also Velas and its ecosystem. More will be revealed later on

      5. How can we get involved?
      Easy! Go to and login with your crypto wallet – you can use a dedicated wallet for privacy. Just by participating in daily tasks and competitions you will be helping our cause. To take it a step further, you can help with article writing, guides, forum moderation, and you can even get involved with our governance!
      At the moment our governance page is only accessible once you hold a certain amount of Chain Fragments, at the moment this is set to 1000 but will be subject to change. Within this page we will host multiple polls on platform decisions. Our think bank is full of ideas and we want to encourage our contributors to participate in shaping the future of

    • 6. Tell me more about the points system, what are Chain Fragments?
      Chain fragments are our way to incentivise you and make things fun! They also allow for fair competition hosting due to not necessarily requiring users to have good art or creativity skills to win a prize. We can set other tasks and users can earn Chain Fragments, or custom alternative points, depending on the conditions set, these can be bespoke tasks and points created for individual projects or globally as our own Chain Fragments.
      They are not to be confused with tokens, they are not on any blockchain, there is no smart contract, you cannot buy them. What we promise to do though, is bring strong utility and ways in which they can benefit the holder. They are an in house points system and hold no monetary value.

      7. How will you make giveaways fair when users who have been registered for a long time will have advantage over the amount of Chain Fragments they hold?
      Our launch competition relates directly to the top 10 holders because in the time frame, everyone is new. In the future we have many creative ways which allow us reward users. We can for example host multiple competitions and ask for users to buy entry using a set amount of Chain Fragments. We can also offer a multiplier on top of a base reward dependant on the amount of Chain Fragments you hold.

      8. Are any of the founding members affiliated with velas, Wagyuswap or any other projects?
      Nope. We are just community members and investors with a passion for crypto and Velas specifically. We are all 3 working on our own projects independantly and also have plans to produce something truly amazing as a combined effort in time to come. For example, Spongebobber is the owner of Velas Dogs, so he has some exceptional skills when it comes to NFTs. Expect benefits for Chain Fragment holders when any new projects from ourselves drop. 🙂

      9. How did you came up with space theme?
      The idea behind the space theme was to take the futuristic approach that resembles Velas. Due to all info being currently scattered across all different telegrams etc, we came up with the story line that we as the community are lost and searching for a home. So in search through the metaverse or internet space. We found this static place we can call home. Which for the imagination is a space station / landing dock of Velas.

      10. What features do you have planned for the future?
      We have lots of exciting things in the think bank. One that we are considering is allowing project owners to create and lock content to only their token or NFT holders in an automated way. This can be used in creative ways to bring utility to their projects.

    • I found this project completely by accident! But I am actually very excited to start following this community! Wish y’all the best!

    • Thank you,

      We appreciate the support. hope to see you around!

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