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      This my fellow comrades, is a ‘Chain Fragment.’ It may not look like much, but collect enough of them and I assure you that you will not be disappointed.
      Chain Fragments are our way of rewarding you, the community, in making this platform a success. We have many plans and ways of both awarding the Fragments and creating the value in holding them.
      Current utility plans in the works are:
      • Hold X amount of Chain Fragments to get access to a locked poll for governance on the station
      • Hold X amount of Chain Fragments to get whitelisted entrance to NFT giveaways, token airdrops and more
      We will be working hard in the back end forming new partnerships to bring you lots of utility.
      Current ways to earn Chain Fragments:
      • Create a new Topic in the Forums (Beware, if it is deemed FUD or spam or holds no value, it will be deleted and 2 points automatically deducted)
      • Complete daily missions from Deployment page
      • Take part in lotteries
      • Become a contributor and create blog posts, receive 1 Chain Fragment per view capped at 10 per day

      Awards are subject to change, please keep an eye on daily missions as these can change at any time. We hope to evolve the points system with time. Early adopters will benefit as we release more utility.

      Good luck with your mission!

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