11th Feb ’22 WagyuSwap x Velas Dogs AMA recap

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    • 📕 Velas Dogs AMA 📕

      Date and time:

      11.02.2022, 3 PM UTC

      Who partake in AMA:

      @spongebobber, @ChefHeston , @ChefWhite

      Interviewers: @ChefHeston and @ChefWhite both marked as ❓in recap.

      ❓ Tell us a bit about yourself. What’s your background?

      @spongebobber: “I have been in crypto-space for few years now. My professional background is from different industry though, and I work as project manager by day and NFT-artist and amateur developer by night. If you don’t count MS Paint on win 3.1 I got my first touch on digital art about 20 years ago with Photoshop 6.0 and I have been playing with it more or less ever since and done some on/off coding every now and then too.”

      ❓ What do VelasDogs do differently from other NFT projects?

      @spongebobber: “Most of us are in crypto for money (or in technology on bear seasons!) and that’s totally fine. However, with Velas Dogs I would like to practise and amplify philanthropic responsibilities and contribute to the community. From every minted NFT goes 10 % of profits to charity. We have chosen to donate this sum to Shiba Wag charity wallet and help the little puppy’s mission to feed the world. You could say Shiba Wag was a spark of an inspiration.”

      ❓ What are the biggest challenges of creating an NFT collection?

      @spongebobber: “For me the learning curve of creating an entire collection from scratch has been huge, but it has been a fun and rewarding journey. From creating up the artwork with almost 80 different traits that goes well together and calculating rarity drop-rates, to figuring out the different coding languages to build up a collection, contract and dapp. Luckily, we have great emerging NFT community around Velas ecosystem and I want to use this opportunity and give out a shoutout to great Crypto Broke team. Kudos!🙏
      On the other side, we have seen the huge growth of NFTs in 2021 and I believe 2022 will continue the growth. I think the challenge is how to come with a unique idea, build a community around the project and stand out of the crowd.”

      ❓ Since there’s a trend of projects doing charity donations as a part of project tokenomics, what do you think could be a good venue to explore in terms of doing even more good for the people around the world? What could be an upgrade over the usual charity donations?

      @spongebobber: “Definitely wider adoption of blockchain technology. Depending on the charity organisation, up to 85-90 percent can go to overhead expenses. Blockchain technology will lower these costs and bring transparency and traceability to charity and giving practises. To quote Vitalik himself, more charities should accept crypto for donations. It’s legitimately an efficient payment rail especially for international transactions, and with the recent growth in stablecoins there’s more and more ways to make volatility go away.”

      ❓ How are these aspects reflected in Velas Dogs?

      @spongebobber: “With Velas Dogs, we want to embrace these values which are deep in the DNA of blockchain technology. We have set up a separate charity wallet address where predetermined amount of funds goes automatically. Everyone can verify all our transactions using Velas EVM Explorer. You can find our charity wallet address from our website and social channels, telegram and twitter.”

      ❓ Since your NFT project is dog themed, you must have probably been influenced by either Doge, Shiba or maybe even our lovely Shiba WAG. Why do you think dog coins became such a success and cat coins for example not that much?

      @spongebobber: “Well, who wouldn’t love dogs! ❤️🐶 I have a dog of my own and of course cute Shiba Wag is an inspirational little fellow. Personally, I think dogs, as a subject, are easier for people to approach than cats (I might be biased to say this as a dog owner!). But the main reason for why we have seen so many dog coins is probably the success of grand old master Doge, which is supported by Elon himself too. But now since you mentioned cats, perhaps we will see some cats and more dogs with rocket backpacks landing on Velas too in near future.”

      ❓ What made you choose Velas for your NFTs platform?

      @spongebobber: “I really love the small fees and superior speed of Velas and community around it, so it was an obvious choice. I think like so many of us, that 2022 will be the year of Velas and there are just a handful of NFT projects on Velas at this time but many more are emerging, so that also will give first NFT projects an advantage and might make them a good investment too (NFA of course). There was a news some days ago of Ferrari (who holds an official partnership with Velas) going full steam with NFT adoption, so yeah, I think we are in a good company here on Velas!”

      ❓ How do you feel about Shirly Valge (Velas COO) calling her Velas Dog Muki?

      @spongebobber: “I love it! ❤️ Muki is such a lovely and cute name. They make for a very cute duo selfie.”

      ❓ What are your future plans with Velas Dogs?

      @spongebobber: “I really enjoyed of all the aspects of building up the collection and I came up with a lot of ideas that I’d love to work further along the way, but project as such is limited to these 999 NFTs and no more will be available. However, I’m looking forward for taking a wider approach on charity and global giving issues with Velas Dogs and hopefully the funds of this project will serve as a seed for future opportunities in these matters.”

      ❓Where can we find more about Velas Dogs?

      “You can reach us from following channels:

      Telegram: https://t.me/velasdogs
      Twitter: https://twitter.com/VelasDogs
      Website: https://velasdogs.com

      I want to extend an invitation to everyone to join us over in our Telegram channel for more discussion and information of Velas Dogs and our future aspects.
      Thank you for having us on your NFT week and we are really looking forward for the tasty menus of your upcoming KitcheNFT!”


      ❓@dolarblu3: “I think that part of the profits going to charity is a fantastic and very laudable idea! In addition to the 10% you mentioned that you will give to Shiba Wag for charity, and since Velas Dogs is an NFT collection about animals, are there any plans in the future to help organizations like the WWF, HSI or NGOs involved in animal care and rescue?”

      @spongebobber: “We’ve learned from our community about good animal rescue organizations and any further tips are welcome. As noted, few charities so far receive crypto, although it is a straightforward and easy way to make donations. But I am sure we will see a huge change in that matter in this and following year. The choice of Shiba WAG as our charity was, in our opinion, natural to us, as we come from the same community. For the future, we would like to either build, or be part of a wider organization, where the donor could decide for himself/herself where he/she wants to donate. These options would include many kind of global organizations like WFP and WWF as well as smaller and more local organizations.”

      ❓@JTan79: “I like that VelasDogs is a project that gives 10% of profits to charity. Does VelasDogs have a roadmap and plan in the future to promote current community (999 limited) involvement in the project, and getting more people involved and contributing to philanthropy.”

      @spongebobber: “We hope that this project will form a seed for further development of our project on a larger scale. At the moment, Velas Dogs remains to very limited 999 pieces, but we want to continue working with the Velas Dogs brand and look for further the opportunities and collaboration possibilities. So far, our roadmap is open in this regard.

      However, we are involved in a couple of other projects at the moment as well and we hope to be able to use our lessons learned from Velas Dogs and be a part of developing Velas NFT community further in addition to charity.”

      ❓M: ”
      1. Did you think about the use-case of your NFTs for Metaverse and gaming?
      2. Do you plan to have your own marketplace?
      3. What makes your project and NFTs long-lasting and assures continuation between different projects?
      4. Please tell us about the meaning and philosophy behind your art?
      5. If you were in our place, why would you buy Velas Dogs NFT?
      6. Can we earn passive income from your NFT art?
      7. Will your NFT improve WAG? If yes how?”

      @spongebobber: ”
      1. It would be great to see a Velas Dogs NFT as a skin or utility!
      2. We don’t have a plan for own marketplace, there are many marketplaces coming like KitcheNFT.
      3. We believe that as we are one of the first NFT projects on Velas (after velaspunks and cryptobrokes of course) that will give us and and holders of course an advantage in future on aftermarkets, when Velas will expand and gain mainstream attention, which we believe will happen in near future, after Ferrari announced their NFT plans few days ago.
      4. I love dogs ❤️🐶 and I spend my childhood with 8-bit Nintendo 🎮 I think they go well together!
      5. If you want to practise philanthropic responsibilities anonymously, like animals and believe in above answer #3, I see 99 VLX per mint could turn a decent investment and at the same time you are part of a bigger cause to help those in need
      6. You can probably earn income from NFT aftermarkets
      7. We believe that projects like Velas Dogs and DeadBits will add more attraction to both Velas and Wagyuswap. We grow together and benefit together.”

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