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April 20, 2022
Velas Official

New week, new updates! It’s only been a few days since we introduced you to some of the Velas’s new features, but did you think we were going to stop at that?

No way! Velas has added even more updates to make it easier for you to use the system. Let’s take a look together.

Web Developments

  1. Staking 2.0’s flow has been improved and simplified. You can now enjoy staking without having to go through the account creation every time you want to stake. The criteria for validators have also been updated, and we have added sorting, human readable names, and the option to search by criteria. Some minor improvements have also been made, but we will not describe them here leaving you with the opportunity to spot them yourself!
  2. We have also integrated one more payment system for making purchases through VELAS NATIVE and VELAS EVM with a credit card. Now our users can enjoy all the benefits of Transak!

Mobile Updates

  1. Both VELAS NATIVE and VELAS EVM users can now use the recently added option “Buy” on their mobile devices.
  2. Last but not least, we are proud to announce the optimization of the CPU staking that will increase the page’s loading speed and minimize the battery drain.

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