Developer Update Session 10

December 10, 2022

The DEVs Offer Up a Sneak Peek of the Upcoming In-Game Combat

Another month past, and another month closer to Velhalla! The DEVs have been hard at work and have made some major progress on multiple aspects of the game in September. With this month’s update video, the DEVs show how they have added character skills VFX (1:08–3:51), optimized the battle animation (3:56–6:53), and increased the battle defensive skills (6:54–7:27). The DEVs also discuss the character unit movements (7:30–8:01) and unit development (8:05–8:23), how the battleground buildings will be utilized (8:27–10:02 ) and give you a special look at a full combat demo (10:04–14:19).

This time around, you will also get a look at the new system design for in-game unit and inventory storage (14:24–14:45) and UI design including decoration creation, unit synthesis, and a look at the character skill cards (14:49–23:16 ) . In the art production section (23:22–23:53), the DEVs give you a look at the new PFP accessory designs for armor and weapons (23:53–24:18 ), updated character actions for battles (26:00–27:25 ), and improved battle visuals for characters (27:29–28:17). Even with all of these exciting developments, there is still a lot more to come! The next steps for the DEV team include more improvements and optimization to the battle play and system design and additional UI designs (28: 22–32:00 ). September was a big month for the DEV team, and as we come closer to the release of the full game, there is still more exciting work to be done!

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