BitOrbit. Update 1.01

September 3, 2022
BitOrbit , Ecosystem Updates

The team had been working at a frenetic pace. The main milestone includes all the declared functionality. And it has been reached! The Alpha version is in testing now. This is not “all cookies” yet. In a short period, we managed to perform several serious transformations. Such ones couldn’t but affect the product. The World is driving ahead irresistibly into the bright future of Web 3.0. Indeed, it is an amazing bunch of technologies. And we, as part of the tech stream, with no choice adapted to these changes.

The foundation stone of the upcoming future is #Communication. BitOrbit product is all about communication. We are (people) all here for communication. Until today, it was kind of one-sided. It’s high time to prepare for changes. Dry reports on the work done will certainly charge you with positivity, but this is the past. The future belongs to the community, which we believe is capable to:

– independently “grow” knowledge managers;

– choose and guide priority areas;

– create, moderate and manage content.

Within 10 days we will present You with such an opportunity. Get ready and prepare lists of “burning” questions. We want all of them! Warming up the inner machine of creativity. Get energized for positivity! Think Big and Global! Prepare your fingers for a large number of texts and votes. The core Product is ready. Together we want to go through an exciting adventure of many “Features and Functions”.

Let’s set the right priorities and enjoy the results. #Bitorbit, #web30.

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