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AstroSwap & Swapz Partnership announcement

March 12, 2022
Ecosystem Updates , Swapz

As some blockchains struggle with scaling, others with adoption, and yet more with performance, Cardano already has an infinitely scalable and decentralized solution that has solved these problems.

And with AstroSwap, it’ll have its first DEX.

Elite traders need the freedom to take their assets to any blockchain where they spot a life-changing opportunity, without having to pay to get their funds stuck in a bridge.

Swapz will incorporate its protocol on AstroSwap: to enable secure and fast cross-chain stablecoin swaps across Cardano and all EVM-chains we support. This integration will give Cardano cryptonauts the chance to bridge their assets from Cardano to all EVM blockchains supported by Swapz.

At the moment, these include the likes of Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Velas. Since Swapz is just getting started, take this as the announcement that Swapz will eventually support Cardano too.

Trading with Swapz and AstroSwap is simple: the more you swap, the more you win.

Enjoy those astronomical gains.

About Swapz

Swapz is a cross-chain stablecoin swapping platform that connects all EVM compatible blockchains, effectively uniting DeFi with Web 3.0. When traders and investors see a profitable opportunity on a different chain, Swapz lets them quickly and securely swap their stablecoins into that network to make that winning trade.

Official Swapz:

About AstroSwap

AstroSwap will set a new standard for decentralized trading with lightning-fast transactions, automatic liquidity locking, and ultra high staking and farming yields. Prepare for the lowest fees in the universe as you trade on AstroSwap: the future home of Cardano’s top projects.

Official AstroSwap:

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