Astroswap (ASTRO) gains nearly 7% after announcing a new partnership with World Mobile

March 14, 2022
Coin Journal

Astroswap (ASTRO) is reporting gains of around 7% today after the DEX confirmed a brand new partnership with World Mobile, an African-based telecom network that hopes to connect billions of people to the financial sector through blockchain. Here is what we know so far:

  • The move is expected to bring more users to the Astrswap ecosystem.
  • The partnership will begin rolling out in East Africa before going global.
  • At press time, Astroswap (ASTRO) was trading at $0.007762.

Data Source: Coinmarketcap

Astroswap (ASTRO) – What the partnership means?

The future of Astroswap (ASTRO) has always been bright. The platform is striving to become the most versatile and dominant decentralized exchange on Cardano. The goal is to increase the number of tradable assets on its platform but more so, Astroswap (ASTRO) is hoping to expand its reach and bring in more users.

The partnership with World Mobile is a game-changer for two reasons. First, it will target the African and Middle East regions where access to financial services and crypto investing remains low. The bump in price that we saw shortly after the news was announced is a clear indication that investors are seeing this as hugely positive.

Astroswap (ASTRO) has also been investing in cross-chain support and just recently, it announced integrations with the Velas blockchain. All these factors will be crucial in pushing Astroswap (ASTRO) even further. At the time of writing this post, Astroswap (ASTRO) was trading at $0.007762.

Should you consider Astroswap (ASTRO)?

Astroswap (ASTRO is a fairly small project right now but it has been making all the right moves. It’s a microcap DEX with a market cap of around $3 million.

Although most DEXs do not often hit billions of dollars in valuations, there is enough upside for ASTRO to grow 20x or even 50x. The fact that it already offers cross-chain support between Velas and Cardano shows how serious the project is.

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