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Accumulated Finance V2 released

October 30, 2023
Accumulated Finance , Ecosystem Updates

We are proud to announce the long-awaited release of Accumulated Finance V2.

This new version represents a significant step forward in our liquid staking protocol and introduces a powerful framework for seamless integration with multiple proof-of-stake networks.

New dApp

Accumulated Finance V2 introduces a brand new dApp with a streamlined and user-friendly interface that improves the overall user experience.

Multi-Protocol Support

Our liquid staking protocol has expanded its horizons to support multiple proof-of-stake networks and tokens. Users will be able to stake a wider range of assets and participate in the staking of different networks.

ERC-4626 Wrapped Staking Tokens

Accumulated Finance V2 implements the ERC-4626 standard for all issued liquid staking derivatives. This standard allows stakers to earn staking rewards while owning an ERC-20 ws-token (wrapped staking token) and using it in other DeFi protocols (e.g. using liquid staking tokens as collateral while earning liquid staking rewards).

Integration with Curve Ecosystem

Integration with the Curve ecosystem is a notable highlight of Accumulated Finance V2. Accumulated Finance will bring new pools to Curve Finance and use its veCRV voting power to vote on those pools.

We also plan to build a hybrid bribe market for veCRV/veACFI and partner with the Curve ecosystem to launch one or more liquid lockers for veACFI in 2024.

ACFI Governance Token (Launch in Q1 2024)

In Q1 2024, Accumulated Finance will launch its governance token, ACFI, to allow the community to actively participate in shaping the future of the protocol.

ACFI can be locked for 1–52 weeks and will be distributed as an additional reward for liquidity providers in our Liquid Staking & DeFi pools.

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