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Accumulated Finance Joins Curve Wars

April 9, 2023
Accumulated Finance , Ecosystem Updates

Accumulated Finance is a liquid staking and DeFi platform for the Accumulate Protocol and ACME token.

New Curve Pools

We have deployed two Curve pools to help the Accumulate ecosystem grow:

    A stableswap pool that allows liquid staking users to trade stACME.
  • WACME/frxETH
    A crypto pool to increase the liquidity of WACME.

What is Curve Wars

The Curve Wars can be described as the competition amongst several DeFi protocols to get a share of the enormous liquidity in the Curve Finance ecosystem.

From next week, Accumulated Finance will start incentivising those who provide liquidity in our Curve pools.

Initially, pool rewards will be in WACME, but with the support of the Curve community, liquidity providers in our pools will be able to earn CRV (and optionally CVX) tokens in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates and partnerships!

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