About us

Mission, loading...

Greetings, Soldier!

We have long since been sundered in the Metaverse. Now the time has come for us to unite and rise together. Many of our fragments are scattered throughout time and space. Phase one of ‘Operation Refuge’ sought to retrieve and bring them together here, has been successfully accomplished. This is now our home.

Together we can evolve our newly found station. We strive to be the primary landing dock of Velas. Your core mission as cadets is to recruit and inform the civillians of the Metaverse of our purpose. We are working on, and going to be continuously rolling out weapons to ensure our victory!

We welcome everyone to try out our VLX Faucet and suggest additions that will compliment and serve as useful to new and veteran cadets on this station. Together we will ensure everyone has a smooth onward journey to their ultimate cosmic home, Velas.

The Crew

Meet the founding Commanders of the Velas Army...

Block Apprentice

Commander Block’ served as a gallant soldier – fighting the good fight all across the interstellar battlegrounds. No ally get’s left behind in the battle…and no prisoners are taken!

– “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”


Commander CHRXS can be found rifling through the battle plans, finding the next winning strategy to lead Velas Army to glory! Some say he has the power to bend space and time within the cosmos…others say he’s winging it!

– “For one and for all, Hoorah!”


He may be square, but he’s always a’round! Commander Spongebobber is a veteran armourer by trade, always bringing the sharpest tools to the galactic warzone. There isn’t a weapon in the universe this fierce space warrior can’t handle! Don’t mess with Spongebobber!

– “To infinity, and beyond!”


We quite simply, are just like you, members of the community. We are group of like minded guys with a passion for crypto and decided to create this space together. You can come hang out with us on Telegram @VelasArmy.

We are a crypto related platform! We decided to use wallet sign up for convenience and privacy reasons. Would you rather share a random wallet address or an email address? This way, you can register and login with just 2 clicks.

Metamask does not/should not leak your private keys in to the wild, that would be madness! We do however advise for privacy that you create a separate wallet for sole use as login for this site.

Listen up! This is really important, Chain Fragments are not a token, they aren’t even a cryptocurrency, they cannot be purchased of tracked on any blockchain.

They are an in house points system in which we can reward community members for their input as well as restricting content from spammers.

Enjoy them, but they are not tradable nor do they hold any direct monetary value.

Yes of course we can, I won’t divulge all of our skills, but Spongebobber does do a pretty good Spongebob Impression.

We welcome any contributions, this is a community platform. If you feel you can write guides, blog posts or want to contribute in any other way, just get in touch.

Just get in touch, we will check it out and then get it listed for you. We will also set up the space on your project page so you can add information to your own page.

You can get a message to us either by messaging directly on this platform itself, or find us on telegram or twitter – Social links are on the right of the menu bar

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